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August 2019

Tune Up Your Marketing!


Marketing can get tedious and boring when you do the same thing over and over. Everything needs a tune-up now and again to put some life back into your brand!


It doesn't have to be amazing, or expensive, or time-consuming -- it just has to "be" -- so take a few minutes and use that marketing tool that you carry in your back pocket or purse every day! Your cell phone can be a great asset to your company if you take a moment to grab a picture, record a testimony, or better yet sing a song...

Chuck Colby, from 3 Men and a Tenor, was assisting me during the A2Y Chamber Ypsi Tasty Grub Crawl and I asked him to give me a little tune for one of the stops along the way.


I posted it on Facebook --


  • 628 people reached
  • 103 engagements


The video is 25 seconds long and while we are not all amazing singers like Chuck, we have other attributes to share. You can tell a story, a funny joke, share an interesting fact -- the sky is the limit if you allow yourself to have a little fun and share your excitement with others!


Bee Spontaneous... like Chuck!




Importance of a Company Tagline


Creating a company tagline is not an easy exercise, especially for a small business. A small business tagline needs to communicate the “why” of your business in a few words.

When you nail the right one for your business, it is a highly valuable piece of your brand identity.


A tag line is a short phrase that captures and projects the overall value you offer your customers. It is part of your brand identity that provides clarity about who you are and the promise you make to your customers.

A tagline can help highlight your mission, purpose or culture and is the most concise way of defining your brand.


Why Slow Website Performance Hurts Retail Websites


When it comes to doing anything on the internet, speed and immediacy are king. While there is research that debunks the idea that the internet has shortened our attention spans, it remains imperative that online businesses have speedy websites.


According to research released earlier this month, the shopper's experience with your website is so important that it can be the difference between closing a sale and helping your competition.


  • 90% of shoppers polled said they left an e-commerce site that failed to load fast enough.
  • 57% of respondents said that, after leaving a slow site, they purchased products from a similar retailer, while 40% said they went to Amazon instead.
  • Almost one-fourth of online shoppers said they never returned to slow e-commerce sites.


3 Invoice Tasks to Give to an Assistant


If you have a lot of work on your plate, passing on tasks to your assistant can make your workday a little less stressful. Invoicing is something that needs to get done each month promptly so you can get paid. Giving invoice tasks to your assistant can help you stay organized, and it can even help you get money faster.


Here are each of the invoice related tasks you can assign to a member of your team.


  • Drafting Invoices and Sending Invoices
  • Answering Questions About Invoices
  • Following Up With Late Invoices
  • Final Word


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How to Improve Engagement on
Your Blog


Engagement is the backbone of every conversation that happens online. Business owners and blog creators struggle to get the attention of their perfect audience due to all of the noise that comes with bringing half of the global population together in one place.


When creating a blog, you have to do more than get your audience’s attention for a few seconds. You have to inspire them to stay on the page and comment, share your post with others, and potentially sign up with your email list, or purchase a physical product.


We want to take a look at some simple ways you can encourage your audience to engage with your brand.

Creating Buzz

We are always looking for new ways to grow your hive and welcome any new ideas from you - even if they seem far-fetched - we love those the most!

Our latest suggestion... Vector Images Do Make A Difference


A good logo can be used on many products, mediums, color backgrounds, basically any printed item, IF, it is a vector image!


Vector graphics are crucial to creating the marketing and sales material that you need by providing the designer the flexibility to increase or decrease the image while maintaining its proportions. Your brand must maintain its dignity, and proportions, if it is going to assist you in your goals to be the best organization in your field!


7 Ways to Improve Customer Service With Text Messaging


Most businesses consider text messaging a perfect solution for marketing and advertising. However, it’s much more than that. It’s also a great way to establish instant, two-way communication and deliver better customer support experiences. By letting customers get in touch with your business via text messages, you’ll be able to improve your customer service in an efficient and cost-effective manner.


Here are 7 Ways You Can Improve Customer Support Experiences With Text Messaging:


  • Ask for Customer Feedback
  • Send Helpful Reminders
  • Make It Easy to Update Personal Information
  • Share Discounts and Promotional Codes
  • Send Offline Receipts
  • Enable Two-Way Communication
  • Provide Quick Answers

"This was our first project with Rapport Innovative Marketing and we will be back! Our Arts + Creative Industries Guide was refreshed with a dynamic new look. The compliments started rolling in as soon as it hit the street. Tina’s advice was spot-on and we worked well with Dana our designer."
Deb Polich - President/CEO, The Arts Alliance

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