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JUNE 2019

Strengthen your Brand with Storytelling


When you share true stories about your brand, products, or services, you can take your audience on a journey that they will crave to experience.


Recently, I was in Vienna, Austria exploring and enjoying the city to the fullest - food, culture, history and all!


Across from the famous Vienna State Opera house, every day, all throughout the day, there was a long line to get into a small Café. Never in my life had I see people waiting that long to get into a specific café when there were hundreds of others nearby. This is what first caught my attention. Curious as ever, I went closer to the Café to learn a little bit more. This beautiful café was called Café Sacher and I had to know more. I next read their brand story.


Instantly, after reading their story, I knew I had to have one of their famous Original Sacher-Tortes. Not only was their story compelling enough to get me inside, but the Torte, atmosphere, and decor were also worth every bit of waiting in that long line. The Original Sacher-Torte is the world’s most famous chocolate cake with a recipe that has remained a well-kept secret since 1832.


Their story set the tone and it was truly one of the best cakes I ever had. This delicious Torte met all my expectations and blended perfectly with their story. Your story should be part of your brand - the very reason why your business was created. Stories must be personal, authentic, creative and inspirational for consumers to form a connection with your brand and company.


Every businesses story and history is different, but how you tell your story is what makes a consumer want to do business with your brand.


Whether your story is short, long, old or new --
stories are captivating for a reason. Be proud and
start telling your brand's story!


Bee Inspired -


How Animations Can Enhance
Your Marketing


How often do you feel like your marketing needs a little bit of a boost? How many months have gone by where viewership seems slow? We all know how hard it is for companies to break through obstacles to reach out to consumers. Why not try an animation to capture your client or prospective client’s attention? Enhance your marketing by following these tips.


1. Keep them short and sweet. 

2. Increase engagement with sound and brand focus!

3. Simplify the message. 

4. Cut through the noise. 

6 Guaranteed Tips To Improve
Your Marketing & PR

When you think about your business, how do you approach sales? Tactics like pitching the media, blogging for SEO, connecting with consumers via social media and distributing email newsletters make up a powerful marketing strategy for promoting your products or services, but are they effective in achieving your business' goals?

How To Promote Your Business
With Effective Branding

In today’s competitive marketplace, there are thousands of businesses offering similar services or products as yours. However, some of these companies are doing well, while the majority have been struggling to make ends meet. Surprisingly, the difference could be as simple as their branding strategy.

A branding strategy involves a lot of elements but in the end, it should define your business personality, your promise to the customers, and generally what your business stands for.


While color scheme, a logo, and a slogan are an integral part of your brand, effective branding involves more. You need to make use of resourceful websites to learn what your audience needs and create the right perception in their mind.


Below is your guide to help you on your journey for designing a brand strategy. 


Creating Buzz

We are always looking for new ways to grow your hive and welcome any new ideas from you - even if they seem far-fetched - we love those the most!

Our latest suggestion... Get a fresh new Website!


Check out one of our latest website design for Smugglers Run on the River & Tiki Bar. Remember a simple and effective design makes it easier for clients to discover why they should become a loyal follower of yours.


How To Boost Marketing
With Repurpose Old Content 

Good content marketing isn't just about the quality of the content. It's about learning how you can write less and promote more. This may sound counterintuitive, but the best content marketers create one piece of content and use it in several different ways.

The end result is that they spend less time agonizing over blogs and social media posts and instead are able to focus their efforts on engagement and sales.

10 Tactics For Overcoming Mistakes
And Obstacles In Business

Running a business is full of trial and error. So you’re sure to make plenty of mistakes. But if you can avoid mistakes that other entrepreneurs have made before you, your business will have a better chance of success.


Here are some of the mistakes and challenges that members of the online small business community have made along with tips to rectify them.


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