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December 2019

Time Tested & True


I am sure your family has holiday traditions that have survived the test of time and the passing of the members that started them - which I believe is the reason they are so crucial to our family holidays.


About 20 years ago our cousin got married and his mother created dessert plates for the wedding with a collage of the wedding couple.

Of course, I kept it as a reminder of an amazing gathering of our family to celebrate the addition of a new member.   Now, years later, "the wedding plate" is a crucial part of our Thanksgiving dinner, much to the chagrin of our cousins --to become a Walther you must learn to laugh at yourself.


Our annual Thanksgiving gathering ranges from 35 to 50 people and includes the annual Walther picture to add to the previous years dating back to 1957. Also, the famous Walther's oldest and youngest picture to affirm our family will continue to grow and that Walther gatherings will continue.


Families are as quirky as their traditions, but that's what makes them so unique, loveable, and downright fun as only an inside joke can be - even if 50 people are in on it.

This holiday season be sure to embrace the traditions, the stories, memories, and the laughter, as these will be the treasures that we all will hold dear when "the things" become irrelevant.


May God bless you all and I pray your holidays will be filled with peace and hope that our children will carry on the traditions!


Bee Joyous --




Google Analytics Bounce Rate: What is it and how can you reduce it?

Google Analytics collects a lot of data, which for most of us can be a bit overwhelming. We don't have time to spend hours every day studying our website analytics and what the information means. 


But Google now sends emails to analytics account owners with their stats. And that high bounce rate number tends to catch the attention of many website owners. When they see these numbers, they become concerned that there is something wrong. 


  • Are my messages not clear?
  • Am I targeting the wrong audience?
  • Is my design not attractive?


And unfortunately (or fortunately), a high bounce rate may not be any of these. 

We Love Our Clients

"Team Rapport, you make my job easier by taking care of

my marketing tasks! Frees me up to serve more clients. You guys rock!"


Janice Duval - Independent Insurance Agent at Jaron & Associates, LLC


Another Reason to Silence Your Notifications: They Could Alter

Your Memory


"We've known for a long time [multitasking] might slow you down, but our research shows, it's not just you might be slowed down; it might affect what you're perceiving in the moment."


We live in a world of countless tabs, and constant push notifications. Every service seems to be vying for our attention all the time. And when it isn't, there always seems to be something tempting us into distraction.


As it turns out, all this distraction may come at a massive cost - not just to our sanity, but to our view of the world and reality. If something distracts you, even if you try to ignore it, it can leave an impact on your memory that you don't even realize is there.

Advertisements should emphasize your competitive advantage!

It is vital to highlight the benefits your company brings to its customers. They must know exactly what you're offering and what your advantage is over other brands. 


Advertisements also present a great opportunity to use QR codes. Customers can simply hold their camera up to the code and the rest is taken care of as they are led to a page where they can take action.

Check out the recent advertisement we created for

Golden Limousine International.  


Personal Branding: More Than an Elevator Speech


Personal Branding is more than just a 30-second elevator pitch used to introduce yourself. While it is important to quickly and concisely explain who you are and what you can bring to the table, personal branding goes much deeper than that; it is a vital key to small business and entrepreneur success. In this article, the writer discusses the what, why and how of personal branding.


What is Branding?

The definition of brand has evolved over time, from its use to identify where a product or service came from to its more elusive meaning tied with a company's image. Today when most businesses talk about

their brand...

Creating Buzz

We are always looking for new ways to grow your hive and welcome any new ideas from you - even if they seem far-fetched - we love those the most!

Our latest suggestion... Greeting Cards



Holiday, Thank Yous, and Birthday greeting cards are one of the best, most unique ways to show your customers appreciation.  No matter the size of your business - small or large - they are worth the investment and time to prepare and send out.


Science shows receiving a handwritten note or card has a far greater emotional impact and makes people feel more special than receiving emails or texts.


Top Website Design Mistakes Small Businesses Make


Your website is the virtual front door to your business and an integral part of your inbound marketing strategy. In many cases, it is the first experience people have with your brand. 


But when someone comes to your website, what type of first impression does it make? Is your site welcoming and professional? Can visitors quickly find what they are looking for? Or does your website turn away prospective customers because it is confusing and doesn't make your visitor feel as if you understand their needs?


In order to develop your website so that it helps drive inbound leads, you must first understand your target audience.

Put yourself in your target audience's shoes and thoroughly understand: 


  • Why they are searching for a solution?
  • What do they need?
  • How can you help them?

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